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Marble Raymond mill for 50-450 Mesh Marble Powder Grinding2020-05-13

Marble is a very important inorganic mineral. Marble is widely used after being processed into a fine powder. Because it is quite different from other micro-powder processing industries, different processing technologies are often used in the process of marble powder processing. There are many grinding machines can be used in marble powder grinding, such as: hammer mill, ball mill, Raymond mill, ultra fine mill, vertical roller mill and so on. But today, we mainly want to talk about the Raymond mill for marble powder processing.

Marble powder processing is relatively special, generally in accordance with customer requirements for processing and production. Therefore, marble powder production equipment is required to have great flexibility, especially the main equipment of the production line, Raymond mill. It can process various fineness marble powder to meet the needs of users.

The whiteness, fineness and calcium content of processed marble powder are also different. The fineness of marble powder is 400 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2000 mesh, etc. But more enterprises are customized from manufacturers according to their own processing needs. Clirik YGM Raymond mill aminly used in 50-450 mesh stone powder processing, which mean, if you want to process 800 mesh, 1250 mesh powder, Raymond mill will not be a good choice, but don't worry our ultra fine grinding mill can processing 300-3000 mesh superfine powder.

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