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Raymond Mill Processing Minerals the Methods Reduce Costs2020-04-14

Raymond mill is one of traditional stone powder grinding mills, which can be used in more than 300 kids of minerals 50-450 mesh powder grinding, such as: china clay, kaolin, mica, calcium carbonate, gypsum, dolomite, limestone, kaolin, talc, carbon black and so on. Because of the powder fineness is adjustable, so according to your different demand about the powder fineness, the capacity can up to 1-20 t/h. As one of common use grinding mills, what should we pay more attention to when we use the Raymond mill? Clirik has summarized some tips when we using Raymond mill processing minerals powder.

Raymond mill

Before We Start Raymond Mill We Should Know

In the running process of Raymond mill, there should be fixed personnel watching it and the operators should have certain technical level. To ensure the normal work of the grinding mill, it is necessary to formulate maintenance and safe operation rule, and there should be necessary examination and repair tools and lubricating grease and relevant accessories.

When the Raymond Mill at Processing We Should Know

After being used for a period of time, the workers should examine and repair the equipment, and repair or change the quick-wear parts such as grinding roll, grinding ring and scraper knife. Before and after the use of the grinding roll, carefully check the connecting bolts and nuts to see whether they are loose and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient. When changing new grinding roll after it is used for about 500 hours, clean all the antifriction bearings inside the roller shell, and timely change the damaged parts, and the refueling tool can choose manual petrol pump and grease gun. As for scrap limit of grinding roll and grinding ring, the rest minimum wall thickness should never be thinner than 10mm.

After We Use the Raymond Mill We Should Know

When Raymond mill is stopped, first stopping feeding, and the main engine will continue to run to grind the rest materials inside the grinding chamber, in about one minute, turn off the main motor and the motor of the analyzer to stop the grinding work, and then turn off the motor of the blower to clean the residual powers.

Raymond mill

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