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Raymond Mill: Desulfurization in Thermal Power Pants2020-08-18

The main source of electricity is still thermal power generation. In areas with rich coal resources, there are many small and medium thermal power plants. In recent years, the concept of energy saving and environmental protection has been gradually put forward. Many small and medium-sized thermal power plants are in great demand for desulfurization agents and desulfurization equipment, and the market prospects of the desulfurization industry are promising.

Raymond mill

Although there are many desulfurization methods in the world, the commonly used desulfurization method that is economical and environmentally friendly is limestone desulfurization. The limestone is ground into lime powder with a Raymond mill, and then the lime powder is made into a slurry as a desulfurization absorbent. The sulfur dioxide absorbed by the desulfurization absorbent undergoes a chemical reaction with calcium carbonate and oxygen in the slurry, and finally forms gypsum. In this way, the sulfur dioxide in the exhaust gas discharged by the power plant is separated out, effectively avoiding environmental pollution, and the generated gypsum can also be used in industrial production, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Among the desulfurization equipment in many power plants, the overpressure trapezoidal mill produced by Clirik is widely used. As a professional desulfurization mill, the Raymond mill has an excellent level. It is a patented product introduced by Liming Heavy Industry and developed and manufactured after years of painstaking research and development. Our YGM Raymond mill is a new type, energy-saving high The fine pulverizing equipment has been successfully applied to many domestic large-scale thermal power plant desulfurization projects.


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